Think Lamborghini and you think sex on four wheels. Let's not beat around the bush, only a select few ever get to experience what it's like to sit in one as a passenger let alone be lucky enough to be behind the wheel driving this beautiful piece of automobile. Things escalate to a new level of eliteness if ever one get's the chance to own one. Yes, it's the stuff dreams are made of. What many of you, especially in this great country of ours didn't know is that for many years now the brand has branched out into various other industries such as alcohol and energy drinks and today we've managed to track down the main man responsible for building on an already prestigious brand and making sure that this summer whilst we may not get to drive a Lamborghini at least we'll get to enjoy her two sisters.
  1. 1. The Lamborghini brand stands for so much more than pure sexiness on 4 wheels. A top end Vodka and an energy drink  that comfortably rivals any of the markets leading brands are 2 that stand out. Tell us a bit about these 2 products

    a. The Tonino Lamborghini energy drink is the only carbonated energy drink made and produced in the heart of Italy using only Italian unique ingredients to deliver enrgy, focus and unparalleled sophistication.

    b. The award winning Tonino Lamborghini vodka uses the highest quality ingredients from Europe to bring a smooth, refined vodka to fans globally. Winner of the Gold Award at the 2015 World Vodka Awards Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is taking Europe by storm and is now in Australia for the first time ever, partnering with exclusive venues and events such as RIVA for NYE and NYD

    2. Anything with a Lamborghini stamp of approval will be of the highest quality. Tell us about the strict criteria the brand demands when selecting tastes, marketing and packaging?
    Lamborghini is synonymous with quality, sophistication and style and whether its cars, luxury goods or luxury beverages no short cuts are taken with Lamborghini products.  As well as using the highest quality ingredients, the brand only partners will the world’s most exclusive events and venues sponsoring the billionaires club across Europe and only being available in the most exclusive venues globally.


    3. What is it that separates these 2 products from its rivals in the Market?

     Unparalleled quality, taste and presentation.  These are traits that Tonino Lamborghini  will never shortcut.  Taste and presentation are of the utmost importance and coupled with the Tonino Lamborghini energy drink being the only energy drink on the planet catering for the luxury and exclusive end of the market, there are no close competitors.


    4. It seems that everyone involved with the brand are very much like a family. Is the brand very strong on these values?

     The Lamborghini brand started as a family business and those same traits continue to this very day.  Values around quality, sophistication, style and position are never wavered.  


    5. Its more than just a car. What is the standout feature when driving a Lamborghini?


    The feeling, there is no comparison when driving a Lamborghini, no matter what the competitor is, it will never be a Lamborghini.