Think Las Vegas or mention Las Vegas  and the mind boggles and for those lucky enough to have been, there is always a wry smile attached to the end of one's thoughts. For the uneducated, there is no way to seriously explain this place without having first hand experience. We here at Everybody have done our best to initiate the uninitiated as we go one on one with Aussie Scott Reading. A vegas resident for over a decade and well versed in what goes on behind the very crazy scenes...

1. How long have you lived in Vegas and what prompted the move?

I’ve lived in Vegas since February 2003. I was on toured with Thunder from Down Under. We travelled to places like Ireland, Amsterdam, Russia, and Philippines all across America and Canada to name a few. Then I ended up full time in Vegas and never looked back.Thunder from Down Under is known as Manpower in Australia

2. In as few words as possible give me a rundown of a typical Vegas week?

A typical week in Las Vegas can be one of two thing it’s either. Work, work, gym, work, work harder.Or party, party, remember to eat. Recover from party. Maybe try and sleep so you can go and party harder

3. What are the significant differences in Vegas culture compared to Aussie culture?

When living in Las Vegas compared to Australia and me being in the Industry whether it’s the doing the show or nightlife industry. The word normal can get twisted. My normal in Las Vegas and Australia normal are very different.

On a regular night I can go from being on stage with hundreds of screaming girls in the audience. To working in a Nightclub or Dayclub where people travel from all over the world to come and spend thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in Vegas partying harder than they have done before.

It’s true when they say what’s happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. The party never stops. People will come here and do things that they would never do back home. I live amongst this constantly this is my normal.

4. Is there a large local community and is it close-knit?

There is a large local community made up of people from all over. In all the years of living here I don’t know too many locals that actually grew up here.One thing is for sure everyone knows everyone and you can go out on any night or day and see the same people.

5. Tell us a bit about the male revue show? Background, rehearsals, show.Night etc.?

Thunder from Down under was started in 1991 back in
Australia. The show came to Vegas in 2000. We perform 7 nights a week at the Excalibur Hotel
With 9 shows a week during winter and 14 shows a week during the rest of the year.
Rehearsals are once a week or more when learning new routines.

6. How crazy are some of your female patrons at these shows?

The ladies can get pretty crazy. On many occasion over the years guys have been bitten scratched till you bleed. Poked, grabbed, twisted and pulled in all areas. But it’s all part of the territory and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

7. You seemed to have settled right down into a normal existence which must be hard to do in Vegas but it wasn’t always the case. Tell us a little about the early years in Vegas and how long did it take to tame the party boy in you?

The early years when moving to Las Vegas were a blur. I was 27 living in Las Vegas with nothing to do but the show, gym and party. It was party like a rock star day in and out for the first four years or so. Like anyone would given the same opportunity. Some of the best and craziest experiences of my life in the period.
But its gets to a point where you get sick and tired of recovering only to turn around and do it again and again. With the same outcome it takes its toll.

8. You seem to be into a few different projects. What are your main focuses?

Right now all my focus is on my new business Total Vegas VIP and the phone App for iPhone and Android I’m developing.
It will be everything you need when coming to Vegas. Hotels, Flights, Nightclubs, Dayclubs, Shows, Machine guns, Exotic cars, Stunt planes, Skydiving, off road racing and more. All in the palm of your hand. Everything you need

The App is scheduled to launch towards the end of January 2016.
If you’re coming to Vegas contact me anytime Scott@TotalVegasVIP.com

Cell# +1702-325-6530 (had to throw in a plug)

9. Living in Vegas must sound like a dream gig to most but what are some of the negatives?

Living in Vegas I love it. People ask me how I can live here. But to be honest I don’t think I can ever leave.
The hardest thing living here is having all my family back home in Australia and not being able to stop by my parents’ house and have a beer with Dad or stop by for dinner. Not having the simple things in life that in my younger years I think everyone takes for granted.
I have missed out on a lot back home living here. Or did I gain a lot by moving I have asked myself this question more than once.

10. There are some crazy stories about the rich and famous in Vegas. What is one that stands out and is known as fact?

There are a few that stand out. But if I told you the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is not true is it.

11. Marquee is one of the more mind-blowing clubs in the world. Take us behind the scenes. What’s a typical night consist of for you?

A regular night consists of our pre shift meeting at 9:30pm. Ill then follow up with the tables and guestlist have coming in night and find out their ETA. We open at 10pm.
We sell and seat tables from the door. Once most of the tables are seated that’s the time when we get a chance to host our guests and make sure everyone is having a good night our and maybe have a drink or a shot or two.
When main room tables start to become available we condense all other rooms to the main room filling these open tables and keeping the party atmosphere going.
You can finish anywhere from 2:00-5am. If its pool season I’m back the next morning for pre shift at 10:30am
12. You’ve looked after some of the worlds most famous and/or infamous celebs. Who stands out and why?

Marquee has been host to a lot of famous people over the years from Athletes to super stars. Since opening in 2011 we have had such names as Drake, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Bon Jovi, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, P Diddy to name a few. But its Las Vegas on any night there could be numerous celebs partying around town.

13. VIP bottle service is big business in a typical Vegas club such as Marquee. What is the most ever spent by a single person?

It’s quite common to see someone spend between $20-40K, and I have seen people spend as much as 7-figures in one night.

14. I’m coming to Vegas to party of course. How long do you recommend I stay and what are 3 other main pieces of advice you can share with me?

I suggest coming for around 7-10 days that’s plenty of time to do some damage. Las Vegas will chew you up and spit you out pretty easy if you let it. My advice would be.

1. Remember the party never stops so don’t try keep up. You will lose eventually.

2. Have a trusted source on the ground to help you plan and guide you on your adventures while in Vegas. Vegas has its secrets

3. Drink plenty of water and have regular meals while partying night or day. You might be able to go none stop but I promise that plane ride back to Australia sucks when you have beaten on your body for days on end. Trust me I have done it more than once

15. If I want to move to Vegas permanently what are 3 pieces of advice you can share with me?

Working visa, working visa, working visa. It’s pretty much the hardest thing to get and without that nothing is happening.